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Aug 07


We all remember our school lunches whether those memories are good or bad. I loved the school lunches and back in those days, they were actually cooked by real lunch ladies. For the first 6 years, I went to public school and all morning long you would get a wiff of warm baked bread, soups …

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Jul 18


My mom loved to try new things so there was always something fun in the kitchen to taste test when we got home from school. This TUNNEL OF FUDGE CAKE has been a favorite for my brother and I and now his daughter has it in her top 5 favorite treats. This cake can be …

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Jun 18


Spring and early summer bring a variety of seasonal fruits and one of my favorites is RHUBARB.  This tart, stalk fruit has the texture of celery and can  be turned into amazing deserts from pies to cakes to sauce for ice cream or bread pudding. Is RHUBARB a fruit? Technically it is a vegetable because it does not …

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Apr 09

Raspberry Pretzel Torte

Our family always had Easter breakfast after church. Grandma would have ham, fresh rolls, polish sausage and of course the eggs that we kids had so eloquently designed and dyed. It was a very simple meal and the polish sausage was my favorite part of it. It was unfortunately also my cousin Andrea’s favorite as …

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Feb 15


It’s Valentines day again, flowers have been ordered, candy and cards are bought and hopefully he remembered to make reservations at your favorite restaurant. As a teenager, I always hoped that the ” true love ” I had at the time would have flowers waiting for me or a card taped to my locker door. …

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Feb 12

Grandma’s Pan Fried Chicken

When I think of my grandparents, very different memories come to mind of my grandmothers. My mom’s mom was younger than dad’s mom and very active. She was the one that got us out of the Saturday house cleaning by taking us to the rummage sales and ” errands ” She taught me how to …

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Feb 02


Getting ready for the big game? You can whip this HAM SALAD  up a couple of days in advance and have it chilling in the fridge, ready to pull out for that munching group that will invade your living room on game day To this day in my Mom and dad’s house there is always …

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Oct 04


Grandpa always had a huge garden with everything from Asparagus to Zucchini. He always had more than enough pickles and I loved going into that garden and picking those tiny little cucumbers with the prickly outsides and just brushing off the dirt and eating them right there in the hot sun. Whether it was at …

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