Feb 15


It’s Valentines day again, flowers have been ordered, candy and cards are bought and hopefully he remembered to make reservations at your favorite restaurant.

As a teenager, I always hoped that the ” true love ” I had at the time would have flowers waiting for me or a card taped to my locker door. After I got older, I’d hold my breath every time a florist would make a delivery at work and hope that he was coming to my desk. Needless to say there were Valentine’s  Day’s when no candy or flowers were delivered to me.

But I could always count on my Dad to not forget me on Valentine’s Day. When Mike and I were kids, Dad would have flowers for mom and a box of candy for Mike and I on the kitchen table when we got up, with a little note wishing us a Happy Valentines Day.  As I got older the candy changed to a vase of flowers as well.

I left Wisconsin in 2005 to travel with my husband for his job.  I figured the Valentine’s flowers were a done deal. The first year, in my mail was one of my mom’s homemade cards that she and dad designed and dad signed it and included a $25 check so I could get myself some flowers.

That’s my dad.

Dad passed away in August of 2016, thus ending my special gift from him, or, again; so I thought. In my mail was a card that mom made and the inside said dad would have enjoyed creating and making this card….and the $25 check. Ok, I lost it, completely. Brought back all the memories of those  Valentine’s Day that dad always made sure his little girl felt like the most special person in the world. I of course being a little biased; think he was the best dad a daughter could ask for.

Dad wasn’t into fancy foods, he liked basic meat and potato meals he absolutely hated sandwiches but one of his favorite dishes was POTATOE’S AND CHEESY SAUSAGE SKILLET. This was the last dish that my niece, Emily and I made for him and there was not a bite left in that skillet.

This is so easy to make and so versatile that you can use any kind of sausage you want and add in peppers or mushrooms if you like. Dad liked the little cheddar smokie links and the cheese that melted out of them, makes a rich, creamy yet not overpowering sauce.


4-5 medium potatoes, peeled and diced

1 medium onion, rough chopped

4 tbls butter

1 package little cheddar smokie links

1 tsp Accent

Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

In a skillet, melt the butter and add potatoes and onion. Saute’ on medium until potatoes are almost done and lightly browned and onion is translucent. Add smokie links and reduce heat to low. Cover tightly and simmer until sausage is heated through and potatoes are finished cooking.

Try Dad’s favorite dish, and make it your own.

Go Ahead….” Just Try It! ”


This is Mom and Dad the last time they took me to the airport after my visit summer of 2016. One of my favorite pictures.